Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Point

Eleya raised an eyebrow at her niece, lips pressed tight and already annoyed. “I do not know what that is. You are aware that technology was never the focus of my studies.”

“This is the newest version of our translator. Yet it is not an evolutionary design or a revolutionary design... it is a Human design.” Carbon’s voice lowered, accusatory. “There have been modifications, but the core of it is decidedly Human in origin.”

Thursday, November 10, 2011


"I'm just saying, I look stupid." Alex slumped into a tiny chair as best he could and fiddled with his translator yoke. They had arrived at the conference room first, a long table ending in what looked like a 3D hologram projector plate taking up most of space. Tapestries hung from the walls, hiding the painted metal.

Rock and a Hard Place, Part 4

The final installment of Rock and a Hard Place. I had a lot of fun exploring the other goings on in the universe, I hope you all enjoyed reading about them!

Sergeant Major Williams watched the Osprey come down, rotating slowly so that it’s aft cargo door would open up over the edge of the ridge. There wasn’t enough room here to land the Osprey, but the pilots had no problem hovering over it if the winds weren’t too high.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dress Up

The rest of the morning had been pleasant. Neya had eaten and left the cabin with a list of things to do that was about two pages long. That left Alex and Carbon with plenty of private time that they put to good use.

They were in the shower when Neya returned, departing the somewhat cramped bath to find her waiting patiently at the table, surrounded by a pile of neatly tied packages. She perked up immediately with a sort of knowing smile. “I trust you have had a productive morning?”