Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Well, That Was A Mistake.

I done a bad thing.

I haven't been writing much lately - basically nothing at all. No motivation, haven't even successfully forced myself to write.

I think I finally understand why. It's a two part problem.
First part was seeing a dream realized. I got published. A story I wrote in an honest to goodness print book I could hold in my sausage fingered hot little hands. But that's all that goal was. As far as goals are considered, it wasn't very ambitious. What else was there to do with the writing aspect of my life now that had been scratched off the list?

Keep plugging along at that other project I was working on, maybe? That's a good idea, right?

Or, hear me out- I can go ahead and get hyped and ignore something that is a basic truth of writing: finish what you start.

That was the second part. In my wisdom, I started drafting something large and halfway finished. I'm going to go ahead and call that hubris. Maybe I ain't big enough for hubris yet, but it feels appropriate here. After a few months, I petered out and haven't posted any fiction in a year and a half.

So, I'm taking a step back from that stumble and refocusing on what I should have been doing all along: finishing that story that I started so many years ago. Weekly updates, as nature intended.

Since it's been awhile, I'm going to link to the very first chapter, from all the way back in 2010, if you're interested in reading it all from the start. It's pretty raw back that far, but you can see my style refine as it goes. If you're not inclined to read through over a hundred posts just yet, here's a quick rundown on the story so far:

In the future (it's sci-fi) and humanity has reached the stars and expanded far beyond Earth. They've met aliens - mostly they are not like us, and either disinterested or hostile, with one exception. The Tsla'o are similar enough to humans and they forge a friendly but distant peace. Both races ultimately had little actual need of the other, until an extinction event hit the Tsla'o home world, leaving it unsuitable for life.

Now, back to the wall, they seek suitable planets for the billions of refugees stranded on a dead world. As a gesture of goodwill, massive amounts of humanitarian aid are supplied to the Tsla’o and they are given a scoutship, pilot, and access to humanity's prodigious galactic maps to aid their search for habitable planets. All they have to do is supply an engineer and FTL drive.

This brings us the story of Pilot Sorenson and Shipmaster Tshalan. Their relationship grows from functional if not chilly professionalism to something much more intimate as they overcome a variety of problems - from a damaged ship to alien artifacts and a rainbow of personal and political problems.

See you on Thursday.

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